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Posted by TalentBase News on April 28 2012 @ 22:04

There was a warm response this week to the first public performance of Pop, which premiered recently in London to an invited audience.

Pop is the working title of a screenplay inspired by the memoir Home Fires (Atlantic Books, 2002) by Shivaun Woolfson.

It's the story of one of Dublin's most prominent Jewish families over the course of 1965, a year in which each of their lives changes forever.  Poignant yet humorous, tragic yet endearing, it delves into the complex and difficult areas of anti-Semitism, infidelity, divorce, mental illness and death, all the while painting a fascinating portrait of Dublin Jewish life.  

A staged reading of the play - which stars a number of Irish actors, including Dublin teenager Aela O'Flynn (pictured) - was held on Wednesday, April 25 in the Tristan Bates Theatre in  Covent Garden, London.

It's hoped that the play may now be taken up as a film or TV project.


Audience Response

A staged reading was hosted at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden, London on 25 April 2012. Some responses from the audience...

“I would be interested in being involved further as I think the script is very theatrical and if you can retain the current cast then you'll have a good show for sure.” - John Donne, Director, London Irish Theatre

“Many congratulations on a most enjoyable reading. The main characters were very well played. Please pass on my special congratulations to Aela for a truly superb Roisin.” - Doug Holton, Director, In-Ter-Vention Theatre Practices

“A roller coaster of emotions! Very engaging and touching! Great job!” – Alexandra Santos

“It was wonderful - very funny and gripping too.” – Lisa Forrest, film editor

“Fascinating and the cast were so great.” – Jillian Edelstein, photographer/filmmaker

“I found it incredibly moving… I have seen too many plays where the characters lack any kind of positivity and are trapped, so that the message of the play is entirely negative. Yours wasn’t at all like that, quite the opposite. Lovely stuff.” – Gaby Charing

“I thought the reading was brilliant. I loved the writing.” - Mekella Broomberg, Coordinator, Jewish Book Week

“Wow,that was fantastic!! I was captivated by the play.” – Steven Leas, cantor

“I absolutely loved the production. It was exceptional and you could really feel that the audience were captivated with the script and also the phenomenal acting. Isabelle was really was truly fantastic. In fact the whole cast were outstanding! I’m keeping my fingers crossed with regards to seeing this in the theatre, on the box or even in the movie theatres.” – James Sellon

“Thank you so much for inviting us to Pop. I truly enjoyed the staging of it, the actors were brilliant.” - Sergio Forrenis


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