PODCAST - Evanne Ni Chuilinn tells her "life story" on RTE Radio...

Posted by TalentBase News on May 14 2012 @ 12:55

EVANNE NÍ CHUILINN has been telling her "life story" to the John Murray Show, on RTE Radio 1.

The RTE sports presenter, who was 19 when she first met her birth mother, recently became a mammy herself, as she told John Murray...


Evanne has received a flood of supportive messages since telling The Irish Times over the weekend about her extended family...

"I was born on Hallowe’en night, 1981, and Mam and Dad got me in early 1982. There was never a time I didn’t know I was adopted. They had this mantra:  ‘You’re our special adopted daughter.’  They were open to my curiosity, nurtured my wish to know my birth mother, Mary. They wrote letters to the adoption agency updating my progress.  And Mary had always sent gifts on my birthday, signing them ‘from Mary’."

Read the full story in the Irish Times...


Evanne, from Kilkenny, lives in Dublin with her partner Brian Fitzsimons and six-week-old son Séimí.  An RTÉ sports broadcaster, presenter and columnist for Irish-language newspaper Foinse, she has been nominated in the Columnist of the Year category for her weekly GAA column in Foinse in the Oireachtas Media Awards - Gradaim Chumarsáid an Oireachtais.

Winners will be announced next Friday at a ceremony in the Galway Bay hotel.


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